Cruises are held on the 4th Saturday of each month @ 5 PM. Ends @ 9 PM

About the Taylorsville Main Street Cruise

Years ago as a teenager, I would cruise the backroads in my 70 Chevy Nova. I would take roads just to see where they came out. I still remember the day I discovered the little town of Taylorsville. Even as a young teen, I though it was such of a cool place. I had no idea that some 40 years later I would be living in Taylorsville Ky. I remember shortly after moving here in 2010, I told my wife how cool it would be to have a car show on Main Street classic muscle cars lining both sides of the street. Then a couple years ago I heard about a Hot Rod Shop that had started in town called Fast Fish Performance. I went down to their shop to see what they was about. After making several trips and several conversations about cars, I asked them, if they would like to help me with a car show on Main Street. It has met a couple road blocks but we never gave up. Then, on 05-26-2018 the Taylorsville Main Street Cruise became a reality. We did not know what to expect. We sure did not build up our hopes to high but, we were pleasantly surprised at the turnout. Over 70 cars for the first show! We are going to continue to work to make the Taylorsville Main Street Cruises one of the biggest and best in the state. With your help, it can be done.